Audition Bahuaud – Audition Conseil LTEE
Indian Ocean, Mauritius

Bahuaud Audiology Laboratories

Audition Bahuaud – Audition Conseil
Océan Indien

A team you can trust to take care of your hearing!

For everyone!

Regardless of your age or the origin of your hearing loss, we will evaluate and respond to your needs.





Our services

We provide you with the best in hearing technology. The most innovative products at hand to meet your expectations in terms of quality and comfort.

  • Hearing prevention

  • Hearing test

  • Invisible hearing aids

  • Bluetooth hearing aids

  • Accessories

  • Telephony and communication

  • Hearing protection plugs

  • Maintenance and cleaning


Customer’s name

We distribute the following brands:

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Audition Bahuaud – Audition Conseil LTEE
Indian Ocean